About us


The company was founded in 1948-G with the growing economic movement in Saudi Arabia and the need for exceptional groups of products and services that help to organize your life and your needs for a more comfortable and less complex(complicated) life. Mahmoud Saeed Group is considered as one of the most active and successful companies in the region. Mahmoud Saeed has a wide range and distinctive sectors that provide consumers with the latest and finest products of glass, aluminum and plastic, real estate, steel, furniture, trade, food, beverages, perfumes and cosmetics. Over the years, the company has gained strength and developed in providing consumers with a wide range of different products, thus becoming known as one of the leading commercial companies in the Kingdom.

Our Vision

Our Vision and Our goal is to develop Mahmoud Saeed Group to reach a prestigious position by continuing to serve our customers with distinction, through the achievement of international standards in quality management and continuous development. One of the most valuable assets of Mahmoud Saeed Group is its employees, because our employees enjoy integrity and pride in serving our customers, which is translated through the recognition and testimony of our customers to earn their trust and loyalty.

  • Mahmood Saeed Limited Company (MSCC)

    Mahmoud Saeed limited company is one of the most prestigious business groups in Saudi Arabia - headquartered in Jeddah and has branches in most other major cities. The company was founded in 1948-G, it is well known in the industry field, wholesale and retail in various sectors and products such as perfume, cosmetics, beverage, glassware, also in real estate and investments.
    The company's vision and goals are to develop Mahmoud Saeed Group to become a global company by enhancing customer interest and excellence in their service to reach international quality standards in continuous development and successful competition in the markets.

  • Mahmoud Saeed Glass Manufacturing Co. (MSGI)

    Founded in 1992, it is certified and leading company in manufacturing and exporting high quality glass products from its headquarter in Jeddah. The company is proud of its ability and huge potential to produce 360 tons of glass products daily using latest technical and technological technology.

  • Saudi Perfumes & Cosmetics Company (SPCCL)

    Founded in 1982, the Middle East's largest manufacturer of perfumes, cosmetics and consumer products, it is an integrated production unit including six operating units under one roof.

  • Mahmoud Saeed limited company For Beverage Can & Covers (MSCANCO)

    Founded in 2009, it is equipped with the latest technology to manufacture beverage cans and aluminum caps, and has the capacity to produce 1 billion cans per year and 8.5 billion aluminum covers.

  • Mahmoud Saeed Light Food Factory(Snacks)

    Of the modern factories where it started its activity in 2011, to be a provider of the Saudi market through the provision of light food. It is characterized by the high technology and the art of innovation and the skill of diversification of Distinctive flavors and diverseand different in terms of taste, which gave it the ability to compete similar products.

  • Mahmoud Saeed Steel Manufacturing Co

    The company started in 2017 the company offers a wide variety of products used in construction which include structures of hollow steel sections, steel sheets and metal structures to cover buildings.

  • Mahmoud Saeed Plastic Company

    started In 1993, leading company in manufacturing various types of plastics.

  • Mahmoud Saeed Furniture Co

    company started in 2005 to offer our clients ready and custmized furniture with exceptional quality and distinct elegance.

  • Mahmoud Saeed for Beverage Manufactioring

    the company started In 2005, a leading company in the field of manufacturing soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral water.

  • Mahmoud Saeed Trading Co. Ltd.

    Was founded in 1974 to be one of the leading companies in the world of perfumes, cosmetics and skin body care products. And has a series of shops in all regions of the Kingdom, and therefore is a requirement for many owners of international brands to display their products at outlets shops owned by the company.